1. Kangaroos – U12 Minibasketballturnier - Stadtbergen

Game 1. - TSV Nördlingen vs. TV Memmingen 45-50

Game 2. - BG Leitershofen/ Stadtbergen vs. TSV Nördlingen 45-56

Game 3. - Schwaben Augsburg vs. TSV Nördlingen 82-41



30. TSV Nördlingen Basaketball Camp 2019


30. Jubiläum im Basketballcamp


Zum 30. Mal fand in der letzten Sommerferienwoche das Basketballcamp des TSV Nördlingen statt. Erwartungsfroh trafen sich am Montagmorgen 80 Kinder und zwölf Coaches im Foyer der Hermann-Kessler- Halle. Unter der Leitung von Head Coach Gary Szabo und den weiteren Trainern und Übungsleitern absolvierten die Buben und Mädchen täglich von 9 Uhr bis 15:30 Uhr abwechslungsreiche Stationen...



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  • Sameer Patel (EB Level 3 Advanced Coach) (Wednesday, December 26 12 05:28 pm GMT)

    Gary is a truly respected professional and genuine person. He cares deeply about the sport of Basketball and teaches with great passion. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Gary when
    he was living in the UK. I have learnt a lot of from Gary as a fellow Coach, as he's always keen to share ideas and knowledge.

  • Neill Gregg (Monday, August 27 12 09:17 pm BST)

    Hi Gary, just to wish you all the very best in your new venture. I like the website - very professional; it sums up you as a person and a coach. Sherwood league about to restart with more junior
    clubs starting.

  • murvai árpád (Monday, July 16 12 07:58 am BST)

    Gery! Örülök, hogy ennyi helyen megfordulsz! Tanácsom: egy igazi "Mester" mellett tölts el 2-3 évet, s akkor ülj le egy padra 3-4 évre!
    Sajnos a letölthető anyagot nem találtam, ezért, ha teheted küld el valamilyen más formában.

  • JACK FOSTER (Monday, January 30 12 05:39 pm GMT)


  • Orestis Kasinopoulos (Friday, January 20 12 11:40 am GMT)

    Great Page you got here Coach! I really hope everything works out for you! One day we should get together and do another one three point contest :P

    Take care,


  • Peter Borg (Saturday, November 26 11 08:02 pm GMT)

    Hello Gergely!
    Nice homepage. I hope everthing is fine with you and that we maybe see each other at WBSC this summer. Take care!
    /Peter Borg

  • Simone Casorelli (Thursday, November 17 11 09:48 pm GMT) are you? I'm following the training that you left me