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  • Sameer Patel (EB Level 3 Advanced Coach) (Wednesday, December 26 12 05:28 pm GMT)

    Gary is a truly respected professional and genuine person. He cares deeply about the sport of Basketball and teaches with great passion. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Gary when
    he was living in the UK. I have learnt a lot of from Gary as a fellow Coach, as he's always keen to share ideas and knowledge.

  • Neill Gregg (Monday, August 27 12 09:17 pm BST)

    Hi Gary, just to wish you all the very best in your new venture. I like the website - very professional; it sums up you as a person and a coach. Sherwood league about to restart with more junior
    clubs starting.

  • murvai árpád (Monday, July 16 12 07:58 am BST)

    Gery! Örülök, hogy ennyi helyen megfordulsz! Tanácsom: egy igazi "Mester" mellett tölts el 2-3 évet, s akkor ülj le egy padra 3-4 évre!
    Sajnos a letölthető anyagot nem találtam, ezért, ha teheted küld el valamilyen más formában.

  • JACK FOSTER (Monday, January 30 12 05:39 pm GMT)


  • Orestis Kasinopoulos (Friday, January 20 12 11:40 am GMT)

    Great Page you got here Coach! I really hope everything works out for you! One day we should get together and do another one three point contest :P

    Take care,


  • Peter Borg (Saturday, November 26 11 08:02 pm GMT)

    Hello Gergely!
    Nice homepage. I hope everthing is fine with you and that we maybe see each other at WBSC this summer. Take care!
    /Peter Borg

  • Simone Casorelli (Thursday, November 17 11 09:48 pm GMT) are you? I'm following the training that you left me