U12m BOL vs. BG Leitershofen-Stadtbergen 20.10.2019


TSV - BG Stadtbergen/Leitershofen 84:40


Im Heimspiel gegen den Tabellendritten gab sich die Vertretung des TSV keine Blöße und erzielte einen ungefährdeten Sieg...



U12m BOL Schwaben

TSV Nördlingen vs. BG Leitershofen/Stadtb. 84-40 (25-7;22-11;19-11;18-11)



 12 Fundamental Basketball Skills

  • Shooting
  • Moves on the move
  • Stationary moves
  • Rebounding
  • Screening
  • Cutting
  • Passing
  • Lay-up
  • Defense
  • Pivoting
  • Post moves
  • Dribbling

    12 Fundamental Life Skills
  • Hard work
  • Ability to get along with others
  • Punctuality
  • If you get knocked down, get back up
  • Give more than you get and you will get more than you give
  • Focus on the task at hand and take care of the little things
  • Winning effort every day
  • Leadership
  • Be the type of person that your family can be proud of
  • Positive attitude
  • Persistence
  • Be honest with yourself and those around you

No matter how many technological advances may occur, the fundamentals in life and in basketball never change!