U12m BOL vs. BG Leitershofen-Stadtbergen 20.10.2019


TSV - BG Stadtbergen/Leitershofen 84:40


Im Heimspiel gegen den Tabellendritten gab sich die Vertretung des TSV keine Blöße und erzielte einen ungefährdeten Sieg...



U12m BOL Schwaben

TSV Nördlingen vs. BG Leitershofen/Stadtb. 84-40 (25-7;22-11;19-11;18-11)


University of Pécs (PEAC)

My first coaching job was at University of Pécs (PEAC) Women's Team while still studying. It was a fantastic opportunity to put those things into practice what I had learnt in my playing career and to have a successfully completed coaching course.


PEAC played in Hungarian Division 2 South-West Conference, where we won the championship and got promoted to B Divison in 2003.