1. Kangaroos – U12 Minibasketballturnier - Stadtbergen

Game 1. - TSV Nördlingen vs. TV Memmingen 45-50

Game 2. - BG Leitershofen/ Stadtbergen vs. TSV Nördlingen 45-56

Game 3. - Schwaben Augsburg vs. TSV Nördlingen 82-41



30. TSV Nördlingen Basaketball Camp 2019


30. Jubiläum im Basketballcamp


Zum 30. Mal fand in der letzten Sommerferienwoche das Basketballcamp des TSV Nördlingen statt. Erwartungsfroh trafen sich am Montagmorgen 80 Kinder und zwölf Coaches im Foyer der Hermann-Kessler- Halle. Unter der Leitung von Head Coach Gary Szabo und den weiteren Trainern und Übungsleitern absolvierten die Buben und Mädchen täglich von 9 Uhr bis 15:30 Uhr abwechslungsreiche Stationen...


Hucknall Junior Basketball Club

The aim of the club is to encourage and develop skills, fitness and a general enjoyment of the game of basketball.

The club was established in September 1999 with the support of Ashfield District Council. Grants from "The Lotteries Awards for All" and the "East Midlands Awards for All" enabled the Club to buy essential equipment, including portable baskets, and extend training of coaches and officials. Major fundraising initiatives have ensured the club's future through 2007 and 2008.

Membership has increased ten fold from the earliest sessions which had just six players. The success of the Club is shown in the standard of players it produces. A significant number of the youth team currently play for Notts Nova and Club members have represented at regional and national level.