U14m Landesliga Nord vs. DJK Neustadt a.d.W. 18.01.2020


Zweiter Sieg gegen den direkten Konkurrenten


Zwar konnte man schon das Hinspiel gegen die Oberpfälzer gewinnen, doch der damals äußerst knappe Sieg war unseren Jungs noch deutlich in Erinnerung. Daher fuhr man mit dem nötigen Respekt zum DJK Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab...



U16 BayL - Süd

SB DJK Rosenheim vs. TSV Nördlingen 101-69 (24-16;20-14;33-17;24-22)



U14 LL - Nord

DJK Neustadt a.d. W. vs. TSV Nördlingen 75-81 (16-18;15-24;19-24;25-15) More...


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"Gary Szabo is an excellent coach and teacher of the game of basketball.  He communicates well with his players being able to stress the importance of the fundamentals of the game for the individual along with the ability to create a cohesive unit on the floor.  Furthermore, he has a thirst for knowledge.  He wants to be a better coach everyday that you work with him.  He constantly asks questions of those he respects in the profession and how he can improve as a coach.  He has a very bright future as a coach and a teacher."


Joe Wootten, Athletic Director, Basketball Coach

O'Connell High School, Arlington, VA, USA