U14m Landesliga Qualification R1 - 2019-2020

Game 1.

TSV Nördlingen vs. TV Memmingen 29-28

Game 2.

TSV Nördlingen vs. TV 1877 Lauf 37-24

Game 3.

TSV Nördlingen vs. TV Schwabach 21-35

Game 4.

TSV Nördlingen vs. Post SV Nürnberg 27-44


U16m Bayernliga Qualification R1 2019-2020

Game 1. - TSV Nördlingen vs. VfL Treuchtlingen 27-30

Game 2. - TSV Nördlingen vs. Schanzer Baskets Ingolstadt 30-32

Game 3. - BG Leitershofen/Stadtbergen vs. TSV Nördlingen 33-31


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"Inch by Inch life is a cinch, yard by yard it is really hard!"

This is an old age quote that goes so well with the snow that we are having.
If you try to remove the huge amounts of snow from your driveway or sidewalk
all at once, you will find the task impossible. But if you remove the snow a
little at a time, you will find that slowly, but surely you will have a
clear path!  The same is true in all that we do.  We will be better off if
we work a little each day to become better in school, in basketball or just
being a good person.  We are better off doing a good job each day on our
homework rather then trying to study for a long time for a test.  The same
goes for practice in basketball.  You will play well in the big game if you
have practiced a little everyday!  Also, if you work on just treating others
well everyday.  You will bring others and yourself happiness!


by Coach Morgan Wootten

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U16m Bayernliga Qualification R2 - 2019-2020